Once Upon a time.... 
was a beautiful little caravan 
in the middle of the forest ...

     the girl approach with curiosity to see who inhabited it.... 

and saw from the window with surprise

a beautifully decorated room... lovely and very sweet
The bed was OTB! Boho Loft Bed and the vase with leaves 
OTB! Wicker  in the corner was a warm painting called Dusk by OTB!

The courtains were of [CIRCA] - "Grafica" Autumn Pinecone Curtains - Mocha 
just like the rugs [CIRCA] - "Grafica" Autumn Pinecone Rug - Mocha 
[CIRCA] - "Grafica" Autumn Leaves Rug - Mocha

Beautiful plants hang from the ceiling giving color and life to the room
Vine Orb  by Kaerri
Spider Plant Orb by Kaerri
Lilac Flower Orb by Kaerri

And on the small bedside table a wonderful lamp lighting the room warmly
%Percent - Leaf Lamp (copper/multi) *MESH*

all available at SWANK Autumn Breeze
do not miss your story 

Apple Fall Books Occasional Table w/ Blanket
dust bunny . wanderlust . hedera caravan . RARE


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