Dreamland Designs, HJM Designs, Suzy's Bakery, StoraxTree & Wood Works
are participating at SWANK Autumn Breeze

Dreamland Designs put on sale DD Rustic Cabin Fireplace
includes Mantle Deer Head, Fireplace Tools and  Wood Basket
available at SWANK Autumn Breeze

HJM Designs show us Harvest Lovers Seat 49 single and 73 couple animations 
( female, male, self love, sex, girl love, guy love) + Harvest Love Tray , Autumn Decor, Harvest Love Rug.

Wood Works give us a gift Apple Bookends & Books deco

Suzy's Bakery  present a delicious options they make treats for all occasions!
small family sized birthday and celebration cakes here is Autumn Pumpkin Berry Cake,
Autumn Pumpkin Chocolate Cake and Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes,
 you can touch and receive a slice of cake animated perfect for party or celebraations

StoraxTree Mesh present Joie de Couture Mannequin beautiful decorations
for any place.

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