The new round of The Darkness Monthly Event open at April 5th.

DMZ put on sale Boudoir nailpolish appliers Omega - Maitreya 10 diferent colors

<<Nevrose>> Romantic Headband with hud driver 7 colors 3 faces of the item
Lipsticks  by <<Nevrose>> Psycho Applier Catwa - Lelutka 10 colors

<<Nevrose>> Nipples bow cross with hud
<<Nevrose>> Damned Heart Bindi
<<Nevrose>> Coffin Ring (resizer)

Moondance Boutique is participating with Nyx jewelry set
in pic ArmBand and Nyx Bracelets 

SlackGirl present ::SG:: TheCross Eyes Makeup for classic and mesh avatars applier for Akeruka, Catwa & omega

*Queen oF Ink - Oracle Tattoo for classic avatars and mesh avatars appliers Catwa - Lelutka, Maitreya - Slink, TMP.

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