Kaerri and [Circa] are participating at SWANK Free Style

Kaerri combines modern contemporary design furniture with classic traditional style. 
Its fresh, simple, stylish and functional.
Furniture to turn your house into a designer home.

In this round Kaerri present us Impero
beautiful, elegant set of furniture in a neutral color with accent in fresh green
Impero Couch Couples and Impero couch Single
Impero Industrial coffee table
Impero Short and Tall Sunflowers
Impero Sparkle Picture
Crocus Teacup Purple

[CIRCA] high quality furniture, beautiful lighting, and unique decor in various 
design ranges & styles

 [CIRCA] show in thi round  "Juniper Ridge" - Area Rug Set  Vintage & Modern
"Juniper Ridge" - Sitting Set 3 chairs with 10 sit animations
center table with ported papel roses
Walk clock set to SL time (adjustable time on touch)
"Juniper Ridge" Autumn Leaf Wreath part of the Autumn room Set

all in one place SWANK!!!


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