.:JUMO:. and Brocade  Tiger are participating in this new round 
of SWANK around the WORLD

(Marpil Grafenwalder)
.:JUMO:. Fashion and Beauty present us in this round of SWANK around the world
"Naomi Outfit"  represents the modern fahion women, the woman who defends and respects what she is where she is, that appreciates and welcome people and culures around the world and the diversity and knows the multicultural language, She speaks the language of love. 
This garment is 100% mesh, 4 fitted sizes (dress, pants, top) included 
Necklace, Earrings and Bangles

(Xamorex Grafenwalder)
BT, Traveler Suit by Brocade  Tiger this elegant outfit for men 
is 100% mesh, come in five standard sizes with 3 alpha layers for classic avatars, 
included Suit jacket, suit shirt & suit pants

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