(1st picture)
(2nd picture • details)
(3st picture • details)
(4th picture • details)

(1st picture)
AF Old Roman Bed Gacha

(over the Bed)
LTD Ruffles Cushion (Couture) Gift of Apple Fall

LTD Ruffles Cushion (Lipstick) Gift of Apple Fall

LTD Studded Cushion (Monochrome) Gift of Apple Fall
(2nd picture • details)
Fawny - My little puppy - 6

[WHD] - Sleeping Kitty Cat - Grey

{vespertine} - knitting 4 Gacha Winter Survival 

(4th picture • details)
AF Stepladder Table

- Kalopsia - Bunny Foofoo - Sitting - Brown

8f8 - Cupcake Light - *White*

junk. vintage teacup planter

(2nd picture • details)
Kalopsia - Lavande Box

Soy. Knitted Pouf [marudesu] - snow

Kalopsia - Old Box (Red)

Kalopsia - Lace Curtain 

=Z=Begie Decorative Asia BirdCage(RARE)

junk. old rug. turquoise.

(3st picture • details)
tarte. half moon table (worn)

Forest - Flower pot

Forest - Candle b

AF Pheasant Feathers

Soy. DarK Purple Berries

NOMAD // Vintage Mannequin 01

Kalopsia - Magazine (Fall Edition) (4th picture • details)
(on the wall)
Vagabond - Pearl's Mobile

(2nd picture • details)
Kalopsia - Old Plants - Green Pot

[PM}Pixel Mode - Beaded Chandelier - Naturals 2

(2nd picture • details)
dust bunny . rose table . white Gacha 

dust bunny . spring reading Gacha 

Kalopsia - Castle Lamp

(picture on the wall)
(NO) CopyCat Art - Meowna Lisa Gacha 

(NO) CopyCat Art - Picatso Gacha

(NO) CopyCat Art - The Howl  Gacha

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